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Villa Noailles

Built in the 1920s for patrons Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, this jewel of modern architectural heritage is now an art center of national interest and hosts exhibitions, festivals and workshops all year round.

Located 5 minutes walk from the Cafabre studio.

Hyeres's Castle

No longer the great feudal castle of Provence, it is now a ruined medieval castle which is located at the top of the hill of Castéou (198 m). Overlooking the city of Hyères.

Located 5 minutes walk from the Cafabre studio.

Massillon's place

Place Massillon is the most pleasant square in the old center of Hyères. The shopping and pedestrian streets are right next to the small square.

Come and visit the Templar tower located on this square.
Located 3 minutes walk from the apartments.

The beaches

Few towns in France can claim to have so many different styles of beaches. This is the case of Hyères.

Large expanses of white sand or wild coves drowned in vegetation, sandy beaches or wild coves, everyone finds their corner of the sea.
The beaches are 10 minutes by car from the city center.

Saint-Paul Collegiate Church

12th century Provençal Romanesque building with a 14th century Gothic nave. The collegiate contains one of the largest collections of ex-votos in France (432 paintings), sumptuous stained glass windows and altarpieces.

Parks to visit

Parc Castel Saint Clair, now owned by the city, once belonged to the American novelist Edith Wharton. It is located near Saint Bernard Park.

The course of the Arts

Download the "Parcours des Arts" application from your smartphone:

At the top, the QR code for Android and at the bottom that for Iphone.

The old center of Hyères has been engaged for several years in a vast urban redevelopment project, enhancing its architectural and historical heritage. This process of urban renewal has enabled the renovation of many buildings and public spaces,

The course of the Arts is a marked circuit which will make you discover many

traditional skills and artistic talents as well as

strong elements of Hyères historical and architectural heritage.

The 2022 edition was held from June 24 to 26.

The course of the Arts in video

Place Clemenceau

The largest square in the Var was the subject of a major architectural requalification inaugurated in 2019. The "new" Place Clémenceau designed by the architect Rudy Riciotti has become a place of life and conviviality in the heart of the city.

Located just a hundred meters from our apartment "La Bohême"

The Golden Islands

Prince Orbianus had four daughters whom he loved very much. Extraordinary swimmers, they were not afraid of adventures far from the coast. One day, as they left the coast, the sails of a pirate ship appeared on the horizon. His father asked them to get back to the coast as quickly as possible, but alas! A barbarian ship caught up with them.

The Prince knelt down and prayed to the gods to save his daughters from the abduction that awaited them. The sky was moved by his prayers, and even before the pirates tried to take it, the princesses felt their limbs slowly stiffen, their bodies turn to stone.
The three furthest sisters formed the Iles d'Or (Porquerolles, Port Cros and Le Levant), while the youngest, who desperately reached out to her father, later became Giens. Everyone agrees that the islands have retained the incredible beauty of the four princesses...

Columns with images

The Porquerolles Island

L'île de Porquerolles est un lieu magique à quelques minutes en bateau de la presqu'île de Giens à Hyères.

The Port Cros Island

It is the wildest island, the most preserved of the three. It is the heart of one of the first national parks in France.

The Levant Island

The Ile Du Levant cultivates its reputation for rebellious beauty. It is also the cradle of naturism. His village, Heliopolis, is an ode to the sun, nature and contemplation.

Getting around Hyères

Via Hyères's airport

Located not far from the peninsula of Giens, Toulon Hyères airport is ideally located to allow you to arrive in this beautiful city as conveniently as possible.

Via train / bus

Whether by train or bus, Hyères has all the transport infrastructure necessary for your stay.

Via taxi

We can always need a taxi...